What is YOUR Story?

We all want to be seen.

For the best in ourselves. For our creative spark. For our soul story.


Inner Light Portraits: Boutique Photo Series Illuminating Your Radiance, Your Story


As a Director and Photographer, I am honored to work with amazing people from all walks of life, telling their stories visually. With feeling.

No matter the circumstance, whether on red carpets or in hospital beds, we all radiate our inner glow, our story comes to life when we are truly seen and appreciated for who we are inside.

In our time together, I focus wholeheartedly on honoring your soulfulness, your truth, creating an empowering portrait series, mirroring what many of us often have the hardest time seeing in ourselves. Our inner light.

Our images & our time together reflect your spirit. Feisty, expressive, playful, quiet, strong. We tailor your experience to your soul story.

I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being.
— Hafez


I have always been most moved by seeing & feeling people go for & own their inner YES. We imprint & connect on a primal level when we root for & are inspired by others living into their dreams, their unlimited selves. 

With this boutique series, we celebrate recovering from beigeness, from fitting into a box or stereotype. We celebrate dancing to your inner music.

Whether starting fresh, or in the process of becoming, or whether you live each day owning your inner YES, Inner Light Portraits are a potent gift to yourself & a powerful communication tool, mirroring the vitality you already embody, distinguishing & drawing people to you.  

You are seen. You are valued. You are resplendent. 

Your story is your gift. Together we free it to shine. 

 Meet Penny Treese and Erika Page, two amazingly talented fine artists,

Paula Taylor, Real Estate Agent extraordinaire & artist of connecting,

Susan Solomon, creating cards with whimsy & wonder,  

& Bill Orisich, Renaissance creative, featured above.