Step Into Your Light


Liz Stubbs, an Atlanta photographer, specializes in Contemporary Personal Branding and Legacy Portraits as well as Fine Art Portrait + Street photography



  • “black + white” Juror Jennifer Schlesinger, A. Smith Gallery, Johnson City, TX—January 2019

  • "Interiors" Juror Elizabeth Avedon, A. Smith Gallery, Johnson City, TX—October 2018

  • "Photo '16" Exhibition, Juror Sam Abell, Multiple Exposures Gallery, Alexandria, VA—October 2016

  • "Small Matters of Great Importance, Light & Shadow," Group Juried Multi-Media Show, Edward Hopper House, Nyack, NY—October 2015

  • "Putting on the Dog: Dogs without Borders," Group Juried Photography Show, International Cultural Center, Lubbock, TX—July 2015

  • Ashok Jain Gallery, Group Photography Show, New York City—April 2015

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As a portrait artist + journalist, I create a space for you to step into your own light.

Meaningful portraits, to me, reflect your spirit + energy—they are a visual expression of your inner voice. And portraits enable us to truly see—in our fragments & wholeness—our radiance.

My greatest privilege & joy is to show you in your portraits the YOU I see through the lens. in creating your portrait experience, we focus on celebrating the art of you, what lights you up from the inside, creating standout portraits. When we see ourselves through that lens, we bloom, transforming how we see ourselves and how we show up in our life.

In all my photography, I explore themes around light, inner journeys and living our YES.            

I bring to my photography decades of experience as a writer, publishing 7 books, and a Director/Producer, working with A-list celebs & amazing people with amazing stories from all walks of life. I love both the creative solitude & collaboration. 

I am grateful to have studied with master photographers I admire: David Alan Harvey, Sam Abell, Jay Maisel and Peter Turnley. 

Atlanta is my home nest.  But I journey often.

If my work intrigues + inspires, I would love to hear from you. Welcome! 



Atlanta Studio + On Location