• Group Juried Photography Exhibition, Multiple Exposures Gallery, Alexandria, VA — Photo '16, October 2016
  • Group Juried Multi-Media Show, Edward Hopper House, Nyack, NY — Small Matters of Great Importance, Light & Shadow, October 2015
  • Group Photography Show, "Putting on the Dog: Dogs without Borders"— International Cultural Center, Lubbock, TX, July 2015
  • Group Photography Show, Ashok Jain Gallery—New York City, April 2015


Curiosity is my fuel.

Photography, to me, is a practice in openingof dancing with the mystery & magic of ambiguity & wonder in the everyday-ness of living. 

Wonderings & wanderings un-make us to discover ourselves freshly, opening the path to align with our soul compass.

My images reflect & celebrate journeying, our inner light, our inner YES.           

I bring to my photography decades of experience as a writer, publishing 7 books, and a Director, working with A-list celebs & amazing people with amazing stories from all walks of life. I love the creative solitude & the creative collaboration in both forms of storytelling. 

I am grateful to have studied with master photographers I admire: Sam Abell, Jay Maisel and Peter Turnley. 

Atlanta is my home nest.  But I journey often.



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