Rewrite Your Life Story: A Journey in Unraveling & Soaring

I celebrate all of us as we choose our life journeys. With this post, I'm honored to share my photographic-narrative series (as a custom magazine, no less!), Rewrite Your Life Story.

This is my mini-journey, which you may well resonate with, of learning to un-tell old fear-based stories that stopped me from starting towards my life dream as a photographer. As I unravel those limiting stories & step into honoring my Inner YES, I hope you will see yourself in similar journeys.

I would be honored to grow the conversation & support each other in living our Inner Yes. Let's celebrate rewriting our life stories. Please sign up (look for the Welcome! on my blog page) to join me & fellow journeying spirits.


What Story are We Telling?

A gem of a video for today's inspiration & consideration. 

Our story influences our journey. Our journey re-writes our story.

What stories are we telling about our lives? Our being?

Perhaps we might look at our inner library with fresh eyes. Retire the stories that limit us, making way for the stories that energize us in our journey forward.

We are fueled by stories. We choose their nature. Empowering. Or shackling.

Be juicy with the ones we tell ourselves.

Feeling Limited? Play is Ticket to Shifting Gears. Watch the Masters at Play!

Whenever we find ourselves feeling tight, tense, contracting... PLAY can be the ticket to instantly loosening up, enjoying the moment & returning to our best flow energy.

As adults, play may seem frivolous, but it refreshes our skills in resilience, exploring, experimenting, ideation, curiosity, & focus. All key qualities in living & seeing through a lens of possibility rather than limitation. 

Take inspiration from the masters: animals at the Oregon Zoo reveling in their first snow day!

Does Your Life Practice Match What You Think Your Life Is? Quick Alignment Tool

Do the thoughts you hold about your life actually match with your actions?

We might be surprised at how often our thoughts & actions are not synced. This can show up as chronic frustration, dissatisfaction, a sense of missed expectations, being misunderstood. 

When our mind + body + spirit are in sync, & thoughts & actions are in harmony, we feel heightened energy, sense of possibility, & flow with life. We are living aligned with our purpose & intentions.

How to get back in flow? 

Realignment can be simple.  Life Practice Listing is quick alignment tool to make it easy to see where we are off course. Our life is essentially our consistent practices. We may think we practice integrity, for example. But do we in actuality?

Life Practice Listing is a 3-step process you can do in minutes. I recommend starting the list & brainstorming for several minutes. Then adding to the list throughout the day as you remember other practices to add. Review your practices at the end of the day & notice what areas are surprises. You will quickly see where your practices need to shift to align with your thoughts.

Life Practice Listing in 3 Steps

1. List-storm your answers to these 2 prompts:

  • What actions & values do you practice every day?
  • What choices & actions do you practice multiple times a week?

2. Review your Life Practice List & highlight where your actions don't meet your thoughts.

For example, if you self-describe as a runner, & you aren't injured, how many days/miles a week are you consistently running? If you self-describe as a person of integrity, where are you not being truthful with yourself or others? You know best where your pain points are. 

3. Create a Re-Alignment Checklist. 

Write a new mini-Life Practice List of the modified or new actions you will practice consistently that feel aligned with your inner Yes, creating a sense of wholeness, rather than disconnection. This is your self-coaching checklist for bringing your daily practices to a place that feels true for you.

Life will feel a re-energized flow. Happy aligning!

I've included a recent Life Practice List of mine for inspiration.




Radical Transparency + a Quiet-Loving Soul = Creative Life Fuel

As I was celebrating jogging on the trail this morning for the first time in eons, the idea of Radical Transparency hit me as forcefully as the sun beaming through the tree canopy.

Not Radical Transparency in the sense of naughty photos on social media, mind you. But in the sense of revealing what's real for us. Deeply real. OK. The idea seared into me like a message from the universe and as I jogged on, I wondered why.

My thoughts percolated: What would that feel like and what might that shift in a powerful and positive way?

I am a quiet-loving soul who relishes and recharges in time away from the hustle and bustle, which also feeds my creative juice. I love them both and honoring a harmony between time in each is my happy rhythm. So RADICAL Transparency can seem a little intense to the quiet side of me. A little, "We have ways of making you talk," if you groove to spy thrillers.

But then an a-ha hit. Wouldn't it be empowering if our dialogue with ourselves, our cronies, our various circles of connections, reflected the truths that can feel hard to be with? The happy face, the "OK" and "FINE" patina we feel we need to polish and present to the world may not always be empowering. It quite likely is draining us.

What do they look like? They could be whatever causes us to flinch about ourselves or keeps us stuck. Perhaps my radical transparencies resonate with yours. Try these on:

  • I identify as a distance runner--I've been running marathons and halfs for over a decade. And yet, I have not been running for weeks. My mind games have me questioning my ability to continue to be able to go the distance. 20 minutes this morning was a big HURRAH.
  • I just published my most recent and personal book this week. I am beyond excited to share it, as I wrote it to help inspire us all to live into our dreams. AND I am quite sensitive to feedback that may belittle the juice and intention and value I poured in to its pages.
  • My retirement plan? What retirement plan? I don't even do 5-year plans. But it can feel a lot like life without a safety net. I am creating one of my own design... but I also feel plenty of insecurities around fiscal future fortitude.

These are just the first three to leap to mind. There are acres more ouchy thoughts that I cloak under all-is-well bravado.

BUT if we, with our trusted circles, were able to share and support each other in our Radical Transparencies, wouldn't that empower us to feel like we are all figuring it out together? AND I suspect, we might in that sharing be inspired to create solutions that feel custom to us, whole... not settling for the version that may work for others but doesn't fit us.

WHAT IF we practiced Radical Transparency around something that is draining our energy? Share with someone you know you trust. What opens up?

I'd love to be in touch about your experiences. Cheers to Radical Transparent adventuring!




Trust the Transformation

"This site was once a battlefield," the sign read. I looked around at the gentle curve of the trail and the graceful trees dotting the grassy slope. One of the most peaceful stretches on my morning run path is the site of much bloodshed. 

I have moved recently to a new neighborhood in Atlanta and am ecstatic to be feeling the joy and harmony in running again. I, for several years, had been forcing myself to get out and run in the neighborhood that stressed me and brought me very little zest. And now, with this revitalizing energy in my new part of town, my morning runs are periods of heart-opening joy. 

This morning's sign heralding the historic site of much strife and pain was an a-ha. 

Transformation is tangible. And transformation is magical.

From battlefield to Zen serenity. From draining to buoyant. I am grateful to feel this reminder that we are ever shifting on our journeys and, though it may not be apparent in some moments, trust the transformation... we are not static beings living stagnant lives. 

Embracing the magic in today... :)