Step Into Your Light


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Energy Stuck? Take 1 Step

Unhappy in a longtime relationship (in this example, a service provider), I researched alternatives. Finding one that seemed more aligned with my sensibilities, I stepped away from what I knew & into a new mix. Not long after shifting, I discovered some dubious qualities about my choice that gave me considerable pause.

I could feel the doubt raising its volume in my thoughts. 

But then I realized: Not every step will be a keeper.

Sometimes stepping away from something frees us to step towards the path of our YES.

What we couldn't see from where we first were may reveal itself once we shift vantage points.

Even if it feels like we are moving in an oddball direction, taking a step puts us in action.

And once in motion, we can explore what feels right, discover, gain momentum towards our dreams.

Our first step may not be a "winner." But it gets us closer to what fits us best. 

Keep stepping.

I would love to hear any adventures you care to share on first steps feeling like goofs but finding your footing as you step through. Cheers to stepping onward!

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