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Turn It UP-side Down: a SOLUTION to BOREDOM

I’m feeling twitchy. Restless.

I realized I have been phoning it in photographically on a 100-day challenge I set for myself. A photo a day for 100 days around a particular theme. At the halfway point, I found myself photographing my pup in a way I have photographed him countless times already.


Is it fatigue?

I think it’s boredom. But I’m not bored with the challenge or with photography or my pup. Never my pup.

I am not engaged. It happens. Even with the activities & people we love. Even with ourselves. Right? Or is it just me?

When doing what is familiar, that is when I notice myself going for rote. The juicy flow, feels more like a trickle.

SO my solution to the malaise of SAFETY, to the known, to the already explored is to TURN IT UPSIDE DOWN.

I asked myself: What would I create today if this were the singular image I would live with for my lifetime?

It got my pistons kicking. Not that I felt I needed to aim for a masterpiece but I NEEDED to find love, play, curiosity, wildness… I needed to explore, to imbue this ONE image with FEELING that I would viscerally connect with every single day.

Did I need to shoot:

  • upside down

  • with a fog machine

  • twirl, swing, stand on my head

  • so it makes sense or could it be nonsensical?

What I was feeling was the imperative to do NEW. To get off the island of what I know I can create & sail for unknown waters.

The lure of the known can win out over the unknown. Its safety can feel alluring. It certainly can be logical. But for me, my ALIVENESS is in asking WHAT IF I explored this feeling, that idea? WHAT IF I played with seeing completely differently from my current vision.

Stagnation is not our natural state. Seasons, cycles, rhythms… mother nature is a symphony of change. We are an animal in her chorus.

When the restlessness hits, when we feel we are phoning ourselves in… perhaps that’s a signal heralding a season transition. A launch into a new rhythm, a perspective shift, a style trial, a re-ignition of our creative engine. Whether launching into new territory to know again what it is to begin or to turn our comfort zone on its edge & play in new ways without “failure”. In fact, empowering “failure” to be our key to unlock new expression, to renew vitality.

Magic happens when we give ourselves FREEDOM.

Today, give yourself space to be unlimited, to PLAY into fresh energy.

I dare you:)

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