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Our LIFE is our ART. How will we CREATE it each day?


What if I live my life as if it were an intuitive painting?

This question floored me yesterday.

Intuitive painting is possibly the most authentic I am with myself. The painting process is a deep dive into you, the painter. It's not about pretty, it's about process.

I experience intuitive painting as a dialogue with the me I might hush or hide from. Painting allows me to bypass my verbal editor who is masterful at subduing the truths I might know, but fear as scary or uber challenging. I lovingly refer to it as exfoliation of the soul. 

We don't start with an end in mind. We follow solely what the painting (our inner wise self) tells us it needs. Quite often it's baffling. "Paint with your other hand. Throw paint. Finger paint. I need BLUE. Paint this line. Now. Do it." The paintings can be bossy. They can be quiet. But they always open us to ourselves. When we heed their/our knowing. 

Yesterday in my live-as-if-I-am-painting-intuitvely experiment, I felt my way through my day, doing what my inner painting told me it needed to do next. And next. Then next. The day flowed. I felt no irritation at the never-ending to do list. I felt, instead, clarity on what were MUSTS, what fed me. Which fueled me to know the next proverbial brush +  color that wanted to play. 

I slept deeply. A rarity in my life of scheduled inconsistencies. 

This next day, I am honoring my inner intuitive painting energy as I move through today's adventures. It doesn't transform the tasks into completed. But it does fulfill me with each stroke ... this moment is more truing for me than if I let myself be led primarily by the SHOULDS that feel under-nourishing.

To be clear, I am not describing a process that lets me off the hook for things in my life I may not prefer to do/address. But it is for me a process that re-vitalizes me by connecting me with a primalcy in each step I take. Perhaps the order in which I navigate each step shifts my energy, my clarity, my courage. Perhaps the constant dialogue with my core self is transformative. I suspect it is these + many other aspects I can articulate & remain a mystery.

What I do know is this: Our life is our art. How will we create it each day?  

For close to 20 years, I have been fortunate + grateful to paint with a guide in this process who facilitates the alchemy between you & the truths + wisdoms we might hide from via paint. Do visit Montine's site to learn more:

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