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An Invitation to Tomorrow's Worries: Go Play

To the worries flitting through my thoughts about an upcoming challenge:

"Thank you so much for visiting, but please go play elsewhere. We are fully attentive to today's dreams, mysteries, magic & openings to flex our creative puzzler solutions."

Sure, I am well-acquainted with pre-solving potential problems. An excellent practice. I always like to think through If-Then scenarios to feel optimized to address whatever wrinkles may appear in a plan.

But that constructive prep may show up instead as worrying about things not going well. And there is no payoff in that. It's a drain of creative juice.

So when those thoughts do come to visit, I thank them for their concern, for I like to think of them as coming from a place of wanting to be helpful. But I invite them to play elsewhere in the ether. A quick addressing & dispensing.

Being as FULLY immersed in this moment is my best strategy for being in a flow, in tune & connected with what is immediate and giving that my best attention, energy & creative horsepower.  When I dilute that potency with thoughts that are at best hypothetical troublemakers, nobody & nothing benefits. In fact, I usually begin to feel cranky & tired when those pesky little chaos-makers distract me.

WHY this inquiry? I realize for me a QUIET MIND is a mind that is ready to play in life & to go deep. A frazzled mind enjoys neither of these.

What are your strategies when the worriers come to play in your day?


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