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Appreciation as Your Daily Art + Energizing Gratitude Globally #EGG


How are you FEELING in the fresh new year?

While it can feel like a crazy world around us, our inner state can keep us centered, energized with constructive vibes. We don't have to absorb the external craziness. 



I have 2 quickie + uber-effective practices to share to spunk-up our inner state so we are fueled by positive, constructive energy daily that will move us tiptoe by tiptoe into our life dreams.


Derailing ourselves in feeling overwhelmed by whatever big-picture concerns we have actually drains us from the power we have to make a difference. In our own life. In the world. 

Believe me, I have epic concerns about many states of affairs globally, but I feel best about my contribution to making a positive difference when I focus all my energy on my action steps, rather than angsting over why things aren't different. 


To recognize + enjoy. This is the heart of Appreciation. Do you practice recognizing & enjoying anything in particular in your day? No matter how busy our schedule is, it takes no extra time, no tools, no money. It gives us in return, a renewed sense of Wonder, Awe + Connection to the Bigness & the Mystery in this life, this world.

I walked my pup Ernie yesterday on a route we have walked thousands of times.

  • I noticed a hawk perched on a tree limb not far above the road, feathers plumped against the winter chill.
  • The sun radiated through a leaf clinging to a tree branch that retained its fall colors, creating a mini-stained glass window feeling.
  • Ernie sniffed all the news left by the other dogs that morning & wagged his tail in hound dog happiness, activating all his olfactory brain areas.
  • No car noises infiltrated our stroll, offering a quiet oasis for our walkabout.
  • We heard an owl give two hoots, which excited me no end as I have a special affinity for owls.

I could have walked this path ignoring these little moments of joy. I could have blinded myself to the newness of the treasures that appear even if only for a moment. I could have resented being out in the below freezing temps as Ernie wanted to sniff again & again, or glazed over with unseeing eyes the world of wonder there is still to see along this familiar route. Had I been in those energies, I would have returned home crabby. Setting my day up for compounded crabby.

Instead, Appreciation opened me to NOTICE the magic in the mundane. My joy + light energy, bubbling boundlessly.

I challenge us all to start today with Appreciation as our Daily Art Action. We are all creative. Play with Appreciation. Make it one of your many arts.

How might Appreciation be your Art Form today? Each day? What might you appreciate in making breakfast? In stretching? In your commute to work? Make brushing your teeth an appreciation play-fest. Switch it up every day. It is unlimited + un-limiting.

Magic in the mundane lives if we choose to recognize it.

Secondly: #EGG.

Two dear friends & I reunited for a brief but potent visit in the fall. From that 24 hours together, we shared in dreaming up this movement: Energizing Gratitude Globally. It's a powerhouse personal practice, utterly simple, that just might change the world. 

"A simple concept.  Appreciate what is around you, small and large.  Take that feeling, the tiny endorphin rush you get when something small goes right, and feed it.  Cultivate the art of appreciation. Share it. Encourage it in yourself and others."

Want to change the world? It starts with me. With you. With us. 

Be the energy that moves you forward into your most treasured life dreams today. Tomorrow. All days. Our light is infectious. We spread light when we shine + share with those around us. 

Tell me your Appreciation Art Form. How are you energizing gratitude?

I dare you.


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