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How open to new-ness are we… truly?

I think of myself as a pretty open soul. Curiosity is possibly one of my super powers, connecting me with people + experiences + a bit of daring-do, all of which propel my life beyond the smallness it would default to if I were content to tread water with “fine.”

And yet, I do like to nest in the comfort of my familiar surrounds between my forays beyond my home realm. But this rhythm, like hibernation before spring, refreshes my curiosity.

Still, it had me wondering: Do my choices make me essentially OPEN or CLOSED?

The moment we feel we have THE answer to something we begin to close our mind to discovering something unexpected as we continue to evolve + explore. 

I just completed a personal photographic series that continues to reveal layers of understanding to me. It also spawns new questions that I’m exploring in a series inspired by the journey I made in the first. 

While as creators it is essential to be explorers and open to both new interpretations & new territory, it’s also key to create work and bodies of work that aren’t intended to be answers, although we may arrive at conclusions in the process, but to ask questions as well. To open our hearts to muse, to wonder WHAT IF…

The magic I feel when I stand in front of art in museums + galleries, or attend theatrical or musical productions, watch movies, read books, eat an inspiring meal—the list is endless—I realize how grateful I am that artists plant their questions in their creations. Questions engage us, dare us, encouraging us to spark inquiries in our own lives. 

And while some might prefer answers over unknowns, perhaps feeling safety or comfort within the dictates of someone else’s perspective, FREEDOM is born from asking, wondering, journeying. Never from accepting what isn’t our answer.

When my spirit soars, it’s from stretching beyond my knowns. Exploring.

Living is an adventure in mystery. 

Creators are explorers of this kaleidoscope of living life awake. 

Cheers to living awake + embracing the mystery.

Our vitality lives in that process.

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