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Be the Line...

"Be the line."

"But what is it? Where is it going?"

"Be the line."

"Can you give me a hint here?"


Begrudgingly, I focus on the immediacy of where my hand goes with the paintbrush. Not knowing what it might be creating or what it might look like in the end. The genius, I notice, is I am not making up stories about what my painting means. I am completely immersed in this line. Right now.

A little context. I am barefoot in the Tuscan spring countryside, painting in an intuitive painting retreat I am grateful to attend annually, led by the gifted Montine Blank (IG: @paintawake & here). I liken it to exfoliation of the soul.  It is not about painting pretty, but about painting from our innermost selves, bypassing our mind's verbal editor and mining the deep expressions we are pining to give voice to. Each year is a surprise. Each year is an opening, a lightening, a wisening, an awakening to a truer, clearer me.

My painting is telling me (because paintings will when you are in your intuitive flow), be the line.  Consistently, all week. It's a message I butted heads with.  I typically want to know where I'm going, how to get there, what it means. Don't we all?

But what I got from this unwavering directive is in Being the Line, I honor my YES in this moment. And in honoring my YES I create an energy for myself of flow, of trust, of presence AND of embracing mystery. In being fully in the moment of creating the line, I am not distracted with wondering about the big picture (before creating all my building blocks) or fragmenting my attention withhow to get there (when I am not crystal clear on what the end result is even going to be).

"Be the line." 


My whole body relaxed. Tenseness melted. Breathing deepened. 

"Oh wow, this is how Yes feels."

It's so not about forcing something to be. Or fearing I won't be able to make something happen. 

I painted that week with a freedom and surety that was new for me. Yummy. Yes. 

Letting go of what isn't yet, opens us to being wholly in this moment, this Yes. Opens us to being whole. 

Be the line.  


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