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First. Be You

Exhausted. You too?

Yes, we know, getting more quality sleep is key. 

But here's where my fatigue comes from: 

  • 4 Pre-Breakfast Habits Every Successful Person Embraces
  • 8 Ways to Increase Social Media Engagement
  • 7 Productivity Hacks to Achieve More in Less Time

Sound familiar? Yes, there is valuable information in all the self-help and optimization articles flowing into my connectivity portals everyday. I appreciate those nuggets, & I take away what works for me.

But the relentless formulas-schedules-metrics can take over the texture of my day, driving me on what feels like a never-ending treadmill.


My fuel comes from my inner YES. I have learned that for me, creating space each day, before any other work claims my focus, for my own physical & creative expression is my MUST. Moving my body (running or yoga) AND moving my thoughts & ideas out onto paper (I have multiple journals going at a time) clears my channels & gets me into a flow that carries me through the day with verve.

Sure, schedules can be tiring. But exhaustion--from the Latin exhaurire, meaning to "drain out"--is a state we create when we don't consciously refuel with what feeds us, our soul, our spirit. Exhaustion is output without input--not protein, either, but the inner fire kind of nourishment. 


It is not found in numeric achievements, followers, likes, or hacks.

Try this on instead. Before ALL ELSE you do for others:

  • Listen IN to you, TUNE IN
  • Write OUT what comes from your spirit, thoughts/feelings/questions, EXPRESS
  • Create what wants to flow from within, whether journal entries, doodles, a beautiful breakfast, CREATE
  • Feel how your body wants to move & groove, perhaps it wants to breathe deeply in quiet, stretch, sprint, find your MOVEMENT
  • Honor & celebrate your unique being, FIRST. Your instinct knows the way.  

Being me, honoring me first, begins my day with wholeness. And from that harmony, I have a different energy for whatever comes. I may feel spent, but exhaustion no longer drains me.



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