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I am immersed in a photography workshop intensive this week with a photographer I've admired for ages. When I heard he was hosting his last workshops from his Brooklyn location, I jumped at the chance to be considered. A Magnum photographer, David Alan Harvey's images vibrate with feeling, with the moment. Viscerally, I am transported, connected. 

I knew in my bones, I had to dare.

I also knew he promises to push us out of our comfort zones and into levels beyond where we find ourselves presently.

This is the juice. And it doesn't wear glitter or feel like a teddy bear hug.

It is truing up the blood of our being. An aligning with our resonant hum.

I found my sight through my lens only after experimenting for decades & finding it not quite my YES. Shedding what contented me once, & exploring what captures my soul.


I suspect I will always be exploring. Truing. Responding to what lights my inner YES.

I realized as I approached the first gathering that this was the first workshop I felt no nervousness as to how I might measure up to the other photographers. 

Really? Is this me experiencing no nerves??

I felt instead like I was emptying who I have been in preparation to open to who I might become in this experience. Not that I anticipate I will be a different person... but I know I will be going within, listening for my well-spring. For that is how I see. From my inside out. 

How we see the world as photographers, many have observed, is quite a mirror to who we are.

I suspect this is true for all of us, in all our creative and life callings. 

And to stay engaged with how we constantly shift, expand, simplify, true up, open is an ongoing dialogue. 

This week may well be many attempts at the trapeze until suddenly I feel my hand grasp that bar firmly. And I'm sure in some of those moments I may feel lost, in the muck, doubting.

Becoming counts on what we let go of, as much as it does on what we are magnetized to explore.

Cheers to our becoming. To all its muddy moments & sublime sighs.

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