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Birthing a Dream: Creation Alchemizes Courage + Joy


This holiday weekend, I began the birthing of a dream. 

A personal photographic project I have been envisioning & talking about for a couple years, now lives as the beginning of a series: Fresh Faces of Heritage Arts. The energy of transforming a vision into a reality is, for me, an alchemy of expression + creation that opens a newness to the world but also unfurls something within me.

Both outward + inward, creation changes us.

Most significantly, it commits us to ourselves.To our vision. To our voice & our desire to share an expression that is meaningful to us & that we hope is meaningful or provocative for others.

In that process, we may find ourselves tempted to stop before we start. After all, it's tiptoeing out of our comfort zone, putting ourselves (& our creation) out there where it may fall short of our visions & it may not resonate with others. 

Sure enough, I was tested. After all my arrangements were in place, 2 jobs came up that conflicted with my personal project shoot. Saying no to income is not always possible or easy. But I knew in my bones this project is important to my soul. I committed to my soul nourishment.

Even during this first shoot, I felt tested. I also found myself having AHA realizations that I hadn't thought of EVERYTHING in my pre-planning (of course). BUT to some degree, I came to a peace with myself knowing that I won't capture ALL the moments I might want. Inevitably, in the days following a portrait session, I see in my mind moments I would love to have created or captured but didn't see them in the moment of shooting. That's tough to swallow.

My peace is in looking at every shoot as a growth experience for me.The art + artist are their own unique entity, & I experience + see each in their own light. I do follow a guiding structure of flow & shots, but that is more a launching point for riffing, playing. For opening to the moment & feeling the inspiration as it comes. 

I FEEL photography, when I'm in flow, as JAZZ. It's an architecture of a vision, but then just as importantly, letting go of the sheet music & exploring. 

So how does creation change me?

It's a practice in courage.In saying to myself: 

  • I choose to act rather than talk 
  • I honor the ways I feel I don't live up to my vision BUT open to the ways I explore beyond my vision 
  • I trust that in creating what is meaningful to us, we build those muscles to leap again. 

And oh yeah, I am pig-in-slop joyful birthing this creative dream! I didn't want to be anywhere else, doing anything else, & I didn't want to leave. 

How often do we give or create experiences for ourselves like this? 

How does creation change you?

What tiny step will you take today to move your vision into reality?

I invite your thoughts/inspirations below as we continue to explore how to live with our Inner Lights shining fully. We are a band of creatives with lifetimes of support, wit & wisdom. Welcome to our Inner Light Tribe! Enter your email on the blog page to stay connected. 

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