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Are you tired of holding in and holding on?

I’m tired of editing what I say … what might be construed as too big, too close, too direct, too me.

ALL my cells are reorienting.

I immersed myself the other week in an intense photography workshop with Magnum photographer David Alan Harvey in Brooklyn. I knew it would be an experience that would challenge me & one I couldn't hide from. Nerve-racked, but I also felt as I crossed the threshold into that first class that I was walking into a new freedom. Silt had accumulated, clogging me in certain patterns of seeing, literally & figuratively.  I chose him because I needed to clear my jets.  

We are fire, light, glowing. We are luminous. Within.

Each of us.

Sometimes I dampen my fire.

It might be misunderstood.

It might be too much.

I might not fit in.

I might cause discomfort.

That week in Brooklyn I will carry in my cells for my life.

The shell of good-enough has a crack now that cannot be band-aided or smoothed over.

I am declaring to myself, to my fellow artists, to my friends-to-be: I am throwing myself off the cliff of my own devising. Creative cliff, that is.

Holding back. Holding in.

No more.

OK. Maybe my shift is in process rather than radically all at once.

But the energy of my questioning is burning now with blue-flame clarity.

How else do we true up our life to the vitality that burns within unless we are …

·      Vulnerable to our own selves.

·      Genuine with others.

·      Daring with our YES.

·      Diviners of the gifts in the messy mucky middle.

·      Appreciative of the riches of soul-fulfillment.

·      Awake to feeling & being our WHOLENESS.

·      Dancers with mystery.

We are not in darkness, even when we feel lost.

We are the light.

For, to & of ourselves.



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