Centering in Creating

I am swimming in transitions. Stretching, adventuring, exploring... energizes my aliveness. But I have always felt most grounded and eager to embrace new ground when I feel centered in my restorative haven, my home nest.

This summer, I am moving. And in shifting homes after 14 years in this nest, my centeredness is usurped by a swirl of limbo as buyers and sellers and lenders all dance in the circle. 

I realize I have been so fully focused on the physical logistics of seeking my new home, clearing and showing my current one and shuffling dates and amounts and caveats in all the assorted agreements, that I have lost my sense of centeredness. 

Certainly, centering comes from feeling supported by those who love us. And I am grateful in spades for the support I feel. But in clearing my creative space for showings and putting away my journals and cameras, I have disconnected myself from my daily practice of centering my soul: creating. And I realize without that, I am spinning. 

So especially in the chaos and limbo of transitions, centering in creating is my nest. 

Creating feeds inner harmony. It energizes our gifts, our juice. Even tiny acts of creation can keep us in our joyful flow.

In celebration of centering in creating.