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Choosing Sanctuary Amidst the Leaf Blowers


It was Monday morning. The air was clear & light, washed of the heavy curtain of pollen. The winds brought the gift of crispness to the day. Ernie and I were thrilled to take an epic walkabout through the spring splendor in the neighborhoods.

The lawn services were also out in droves... with their leaf blowers. 

If there is one thing I hate, it is those infernal blowers.

Feel a mini-rant coming on? Yes, but the payoff is right behind it.

I vote they be abolished. They are environmentally unfriendly with their fossil fuel consumption, noise pollution, & they are pointless as the wind restores disorder to the leaves/detritus they corralled into temporary neatness. 

Back to our walk.

Walks with Ernie are restorative. We are in nature, we are together, it is a juicy quiet time away from connectivity. They are a form of sanctuary.

But every 10 minutes we came upon another posse of leaf blowers, drowning out the birdsongs & stirring up grit & pollen into our eyes and noses. 

We were not amused. Beyond that, I was spiraling into vexed energy & thoughts. 

But then I thought, OK, I can enjoy this walk or I can ruin it. Entirely my choice. What we resist persists. What we focus on, we create more of. 

MY STRATEGY for creating quiet in the chaos was simple:

Focus on VISUAL input, not the auditory input.

Here's what happened. I started to see a smiley face on the sidewalk formed by two leaves + a semicircle pine needle. I saw bird baths and fountains I had never noticed before. I reveled in the richness of the purples in bloom. 

I consciously shifted my focus, and my experience shifted. 

I could have resented the leaf blowers for an hour. But I had no desire to sully our gem of a morning. 

We can choose to experience quiet in cacophony, calm in chaos, creativity in uninspiringness. (Yes, it may not be a dictionary word but it's real.)

May the CHOICE be with you! 

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