Step Into Your Light


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Close Your Eyes to See

When there is much to see, we often see nothing.

How often do we create space for ourselves to be still? To be quiet? To disconnect from the swirl of connectivity and inputs and tune inwards to our inner voice.

We can find ourselves unclear or uncertain about our next step, our best choice, our YES, when we our thoughts are steering all our actions. Our thoughts can create impeccable rationales for choices that are safe, that are designed to protect us from what we fear (disapproval, lack of acceptance, not fitting in, being conventional, that feel insecure).

Though well-intentioned, our thought justifications are not always our wisest solo guides.  

Close your eyes and tune in. What does your inner self say gently to you? Inner wisdom doesn't speak harshly, as thoughts sometimes do. What does your inner vision see you choosing? What feels YES to you?

When all around you feels a bit unclear, close your eyes to see.

liz stubbsComment