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Details are not JUST Details: My Birthday's Gift to Me

Photo credit: Bill Orisich

Photo credit: Bill Orisich

Those moments when you feel in neutral. When you feel like your effort is good enough. When you see an opportunity to make improvements but the thought of the extra energy investment is not galvanizing action.

You have those moments, too?

My birthday gave me a gift this year. In the middle of one of several collaborative projects, I saw a chance to optimize further. There was an opportunity to make it better. But then the thought snuck in: Everybody else seems happy as it is. Maybe it’s not worth changing things if they’re OK.

And yet, this pivotal moment lingered with me. It felt like a thief.

The next morning, the first full morning of my new year, I worked out the jumble of thoughts while running before the sun rose. This is my magic time when I tune in to energies that hum in the silence before the cacophony of the day.

My a-ha came clearly: Each day is its own portal to living exquisitely into OUR TRUTH, OUR YES.

My grandmother at 111 is, at the moment of this writing, the 14th oldest living person in the United States. She is vibrant and sparkly. Her spunk roots in a deep wellspring of love + living her truth. And speaking it. Sometimes it causes winces but she is unabashedly and fully her. Every day.

She is an amazing example to me of walking your own path + living as a light, as love. She lives those energies. (Also, I feel like my chronological age is still pretty young with a spunky 111 in my gene pool.)

But next year’s birthday is never a given. So for this year, I promise myself that each day I am gifted with breathing, I bring my full attentiveness to the moments when I begin to feel in neutral and see them with refreshed energy: “There is an opening here to bring a touch more, explore a little farther, elevate even an iota.”

Designer Charles Eames believed: “The details are not the details. They make the product.”

The details—those moments where everyone else may think it’s OK, but I feel it could be something more—they make up the body, the full-form of our creations. Details are not minor players. Details ARE the wholeness.

We as juicy individuals are not re-runs. And neither are our lives. Yes, we may feel we are on autopilot at times. We may say to ourselves, this is as good as last time. And things might indeed be fine when they are “OK.”

But this moment in front of us is always new. It isn’t exactly the same as the time before. Phoning it in or letting our mindfulness wander—we are abdicating the chance to discover some new gem, to tickle a new curiosity, to elevate, to bring light.

Immerse in the novelty, the mystery & the possibility of the moments we may otherwise let slide or overlook. Our vitality is a never-ending fuel when we feed it with curiosity + openness. If we choose to live our moments with freshness. Today’s freshness. The vitality of this moment.

The moments where we feel we could bring more, explore more, open more… these are the leaping off points where our electricity—when we let it flow—can catapult us to a new level of exquisiteness in living our YES, in living our wholeness, aligned with our inner guidance prompting us to stretch beyond.

When we feel being in neutral is thieving us of elevating our experience,  we can treat ourselves to leveling up with refreshed energy. In those moments, declare “I’m not done exploring here.”

This is the gift my birthday brought me. 

What works for you in transforming "good enough" to an opportunity for curiosity to help guide us to something even more exquisite?

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