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Do we know what it means to be US anymore? Personal Revolution via Photography


I rounded the corner at 6:57AM, quickening my steps up the hill towards home. My iPod was out of juice, so I ran to nature's waking sounds.

An aside, but a note essential to the story: Running is my body time. I tuck my thinking mind in for a nap & I listen to my feet, legs, lungs as they lead me through pre-dawn neighborhoods, energizing my physical being so it can enthusiastically partner with my brain the rest of the day.

Simply, I now know & honor this: mind + body are one whole. When I give my day completely to my thoughts without devoting space/time to get my physical self exercised, stretched, flowing & energized, my thinking mind suffers. As does my body. When they each have their own time to bloom, they create together beautifully.

On this morning's run, I had been percolating on how a personal photographic project has cracked open my life & dedicated me to living my truth, my wholeness. 

The phrase "personal revolution" was dancing across my mental screen, when I heard the call. And then a response. I stopped in the middle of the road, holding my breath. Hoping to hear again, the call. 

The owls. 

Owls have a presence in my life since I began this personal photographic essay exploration a few months ago. I hear them occasionally, where I never had before. One flew in front of me to perch on a branch and look at me, holding my awestruck gaze for an eternity, a minute, before flying away. I pay attention when owls cross my path.

Personal revolution, I saw the words, I felt their energy. The owls called and responded. One lightning moment.

This moment held magic for me. A truth. A marking of alignment. I hope you feel this same resonance. Try it on with me. Here it is:

The inundation of life/culture can fragment us, segmenting us to wear varying roles, masks, to steer into directions of mediocrity, good enough, choosing the currency of being liked instead of being true to our souls. Not rocking the boat is laudatory.

I forever thank David Alan Harvey for holding a mirror to me on day 1 of his photography workshop, asking: Where are you in your images? That one question cracked me open to plummet down the rabbit hole of applying my lens to me, to my life, & seeing my truth, that I was living in many ways a fractured life. One half presentable & protective, one half vulnerable. But both halves not fully intertwined, unable to bridge the chasm I had allowed as a divide between the two.


Do we know what it means to be us anymore? Our whole true self. Unfractured.

Do we sense our truth when we feel it?

Do we recognize our authentic voice when we hear it?

We are shifting, culturally. A groundswell of voices are speaking out. Creating & expressing their authenticity. Truth is awakening. 

Photography is the medium that has allowed me to hide, but now to see myself as I am. And in seeing myself without artifice, I am lighter. I feel an energy building steam. A no-turning-back vitality to step into my wholeness, my passion, my creative voice, my YES. 

Personal Revolution. It travels to our darkness. Truth lives there, too. And it lights us up from cellular & cosmic planes. 

It unites us. With ourselves. Our true selves. And with others in similar quests.

For me, photography + self-portraiture are my catalysts. Photography shows me the light in myself, in you, in the world. Light dances with shadow much the same as body dances with mind. 

Go there. What we have to find is ourselves. 

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