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Do You Know what Your Inner YES Is... & WHY is Knowing Important?

Have you ever asked yourself, "What is my Inner YES?" 

That feeling inside when we KNOW we are on your right path. When the decision is our YES even despite convincing reasons for another choice. That aliveness that lights us up, so any other options pale in comparison. 

Think of it as our inner GPS. It is not swappable. Our inner YES is uniquely ours. And when we tune to it, we live in greater integrity with ourselves and with everything we do.

Our inner YES is our life-optimizing alignment system. What is right for us and our path, we know it on a cellular level. We can rationalize it away for many admirable reasons. But knowing our YES, is key to living in greater flow, ease & joy. I can also attest to heightened creativity and energy when aligned with my YES. Similarly, as Gretchen Rubin recommends in practicing happiness, we first must be who we are.

Be you. Be your YES. And what a great time to start with a fresh year beginning!


Some prompts that work well for me are:

  • List ALL positive self-descriptors that hold the most vitality and power for you.
  • What direction/action would you choose if you had no restrictions?
  • List the ways you visualize your fulfilled self--tangible examples might include: your values; how would you treat people (generously, non-competitively, etc.)?; what brings a smile to your soul and how can you bring more energy and focus to that?

Being a visual learner, I write or draw it out. Above, you see a version of my inner YES. My most YES descriptors and practices (that I focus on every day, as I am very much a work in progress!). The somatic involvement in physically writing or drawing out our inner YES, as opposed to typing it digitally, gets past our inner editors and more to our truth. The visual we create also helps plant that YES more memorably in our mind. Plus, it's FUN! Start it. Come back to it. Add to it. It can be done in short bursts. 

Once you have your YES, engage with it. Refresh yourself with it every morning so your GPS for the day is calibrated to your best directions. 

Do you feel more YES in your choices? And how does that make you feel?

Love to hear your experiences with your YES! 


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