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Energy as My Currency in the New Year


My life dreams could keep several people busy for lifetimes. Yours, too?

SIMPLIFYING is my strategy. Paring down & TRUING UP to what is my imperative YES is my practice. Endless articles offer X # of ways to succeed & habits to do before breakfast to ensure productivity. 

While helpful, it can be overwhelming to think about implementing. 

After endless cogitating & experimenting, my SOLE STRATEGY for 2018 is: ENERGY IS MY CURRENCY.

This is the only thought I begin my day with. What vibration am I creating in myself that I will then share throughout my day?

Energy is ALL. It is my guide, my way of relating in alignment with my values, & my engine for grooving into my life dreams. 

Here's how I see energy:

  • It colors the professional service I share: my devotion to caring + co-creating meaningful experiences.
  • It fuels + gives wings (or not) to the relationships & connections that matter to me with love, compassion, integrity. 
  • Seeing people as energy instead of the superficial noise that can mask their true souls, cuts through those distractions & misdirections, empowering me to relate to them as their energy essence. That may sound whoo whoo. But try this on for size: when I'm afraid, I can put up barriers. "Protection." Does that feel familiar to you as well? Seeing those barriers as coming from fear (discerning my energy) you are able to know me in the moment not as a barricade, but as anxious. With that information, you can step past my protection & relate to my shivering soul, who may well need a hand to hold. 
  • Investments, even, for me are energy. I'm not a number-jockey, trading in and out when trends dictate. What I am magnetized towards energetically, that's what makes sense for me, not something that causes me distress because it is not my energy. 

Choosing each morning to live this day in the vibration of wonder (for the world is beyond magical, even when it feels small + dark) and gratitude, this becomes the energy I share when face-to-face or in selecting the words I write in emails. That energy I consciously spread throughout the day.

Of course, I get off course. It's a practice. Like training for a marathon. Having the awareness of returning to constructive energy can reset us as many times a day as we need. 

What we focus on, what we embody, we create more of. 

Physicality affects our energy, and can even create energy. A key aid in boosting our energy when our tank is low is to stand in a power pose or launch stance for several minutes. Generally, stand with feet APART, shoulders + chest OPEN, hands on our hips or arms EXTENDED as if we are reading a newspaper (the paper kind, not the digital version) and head UP. 5 minutes in this stance does wonders. Hunching over over phones or computers actually increases our stress-related hormones, reducing our confidence and positive energy. Power posing increases our testosterone so we feel buoyed with YES, I CAN energy.

Personal Energy. It's free and yet it's the most valuable currency in existence. 

What energy will we choose to be today?

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