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Everyday Transformations: Celebrating Where/Who We Are Today


We are an eager bunch. Impatient might also be apt. 

Excited by the prize at the end of the journey, we want to be there NOW. Even knowing we have several miles to run before we reach our goal, we can find ourselves frustrated & (on those super-icky days) stopped in the midst of our momentum. 

I offer a simple solution for shifting our perspective.

Yes, challenges—which we find as we grow, as we coast, as we wander, essentially, they are our lifetime teammate—can feel giant some days, insurmountable even.

BUT we are transforming every day. Before you protest, hear me out. 

Transformation can indeed be on the scale of a wardrobe makeover or a car or house renovation, as reality TV has tuned us to expect.

Transformation ALSO comes in snack-sized portions that look like:

  •     When you resist the siren song of the sofa to get out & get active
  •     When you put down the second helping & reach instead for a glass of water
  •     When you put together your wardrobe for the day based on how zesty you feel in it rather than choosing clothes to help you hide
  •     When you spend extra time with your pet, playing or challenging their minds learning a new skill, or walking them another block, instead of defaulting to “I don’t have time” 
  •     When you put down your phone/tablet/computer & go outside to reconnect with the organic world
  •     When you LISTEN to someone sharing something important to them without then replying and making it about you with a solution or a similar story from your experience
  •     When you drive a new route home just to see what you have not seen in your routine
  •     When you try a new spice in your favorite dish
  •     When you mail a handwritten thank you note instead of a text
  •     When you appreciate 5 minutes of quiet without the radio/tv/phone to distract your stillness
  •     When you go to bed earlier instead of pushing through on late-night productivity because your body is telling you it’s tired
  •     When you appreciate all you’ve done to be where you are instead of berating yourself for not being farther along

Everyday transformations are not the EPIC gestures we see in the movie version of our lives. 

They are the sweet unsung morsels of championing ourselves. 

And they add up. 

The more we appreciate our daily mini-transformations of shifting our choices to better nurture ourselves, the more we create them as a way of being. 

We begin to live transformational lives. 

The more we focus on these moments & celebrate our creating + choosing them, the more they proliferate. 

Before we know it, we have more positive fuel in our tanks inspiring us toward our visions, our goals, our life dreams. 

Challenges, always in the sidecar. Their role is essential in our growth. 

Right now, we SIMPLY & POWERFULLY choose to celebrate our everyday transformations to appreciate:

  • who we are, 
  • how we are choosing to live each day of this gift of our life, & 
  • that we are creating the manner + energy with which we birth the life that is most meaningful to us. 

What are your today’s transformations? SHARE them in your journal, with your friends, here. CELEBRATING = FUELING.

I dare you… go ahead, transform your everyday.

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