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Feeling Limited? Freedom is Entirely Our Choice


How we EXPERIENCE our precious life has everything to do with how we choose to BE each day

No matter our circumstances, we can always CHOOSE to:

  • Stand up straight, strong, vitalized
  • See possibilities instead of restrictions
  • See differently from perspectives that are not limiting
  • Wake early to greet the sunrise
  • Celebrate the people who inspire us
  • Share love with someone we may take for granted
  • Create what brings us to life
  • Take one tiptoe towards our dream
  • Dare to be US, unapologetically
  • Move our bodies
  • Stretch our minds
  • Be still with our soul
  • See abundance in our life instead of scarcity
  • Celebrate our good health, appreciating our ability to take deep breaths as we slow our hectic day's pace
  • Nurture a soul who needs support
  • Rescue an animal in need
  • Speak our truth
  • Choose with our integrity so we go to bed with peace in our hearts
  • Walk a different path to experience newness
  • Embrace curiosity
  • Be open to teachers in unlikely "packaging"... many of my greatest lessons I have learned from animals
  • Honor quiet
  • Dance/Play/Howl solo, or with other hooligans of exuberance
  • Explore the world around you
  • Be impeccable with your word, to yourself, to others
  • Live wide open with possibility as your lens

Not saying it's easy to choose what frees us. It is a practice that includes stumbling, falling, picking ourselves up & soaring.

It is possibly the greatest gift we can give ourselves.

CHEERS to choosing + living the freedom each day that liberates us to be & live the lives of our dreams.

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