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Feeling Sidetracked from Your Life Dreams? Where We LOOK, We GO


We are mach-speed BUSY. 

Sure, we get a lot done. Taxes, carpool, errands, work, exercise, walking the dog, family vacation, refinancing the mortgage, cooking healthy. 

But busy can be a way of hiding from our deepest longings in life. Embracing our creativity, working for ourselves, living more mindfully, celebrating our riches in relationships, exploring new territory.

How many times in the past week have you reached the end of the day and felt fulfilled? More often than not, do you go to bed feeling a wholeness that comes from taking even tiny steps towards your life dreams?

There is no right or wrong here. No judging ourselves. What we want to see is what IS. Hold an awareness to what we may have been avoiding in our busy-ness... & open to seeing where we may want to create shifts. 

If we are feeling sidetracked more often than not on our most meaningful life path, this is the redirect that I turn to because it is effective for beginning my shifts: 

Where we look, we go. 

You can see this in animals more readily than we can see it in ourselves. Walking my pup Ernie, if he spies something across the street, he immediately starts to cross. He bumps into things in his periphery he is so focused on where he is heading. 

If you ride horses, you know that where you turn their heads, their body follows. Watching birds in flight, where they gaze, their flight path aligns. 

Same with us. Where we LOOK, we GO. If we are sidetracked by our digital worlds, we tend to spend scads of time there. If we use all our energy on other people's priorities, we empty ourselves of gusto for our own.

What we focus on, we create more of.  

My go-to to juggle investing in myself + my meaningful pursuits as well as all other choices & necessary expenditures of time, energy, attention:

Aim our energy towards what we value most or is most meaningful to us first thing in the morning. THEN we can shift to other directions after we have invested in our wholeness. 

My strategy is to get up around 4:15 each morning. First I take care of Ernie's outing and breakfast, I consume educational material on photography as I drink my morning brew, I go for my run (my creative percolation time), then I do writing/marketing... ALL BEFORE I check email or devote attention to tasks or client projects. That ME-time is sacred time for me to see my life vision & create towards that. It fulfills me deeply as I know I have moved myself a little further along my life-dream path, it energizes me mentally & physically, & I am creatively and enthusiastically jazzed to apply myself to the rest of the day. 

So I ask, Where are you looking that's taking you off track? 
Devote a portion of each day to your most meaningful vision + action so at the end of the day you feel whole and on-track.

Please share your thoughts/inspirations below as we continue to explore how to live with our Inner Lights shining fully. We are a band of creatives with lifetimes of support, wit & wisdom. Welcome to our Inner Light Tribe! Enter your email on the blog page to stay connected. 

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