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FUN: Not a Frivolous Ingredient


Monday, as I glanced at my to-do list for the day, I wondered when life became a chore. 

Do you know this feeling, too?

You can be swimming along day to day. Then without warning, your zest goes missing. 

To be clear: I am supremely appreciative & grateful for my health, opportunities, creative projects, possibilities, relationships... all of the amazing juiciness in living. Daily.

Fun, I realized. WHERE IS THE FUN in my tasks?

I dared myself right then, with coffee mug in hand, looking at a packed calendar, to do today ONLY what held FUN energy.

Sound frivolous?


But FUN fosters FUN. And the energy of doing with joy & verve feeds our creative furnace. 

  • I immediately started PLAYING at creating a marketing video. That became three! I wrote, I connected, I laughed... the day was productive in an energizing way. When most days I shuffle unfinished tasks to tomorrow's calendar, that day, I checked them all off my list. 
  • The next day, my FUN tickle nudged me to bring home something unexpected from the market. I had no idea what I would make with it but the newness of it brought with it a sizzle. I'll imagine something up, I thought. Instead of a burden, it brought lightness to my day. 
  • The following day, inspired by my run of fun, I shot & shared my first Instagram story. A happy bloom of "I get to figure it out" had grown in me. It could well have been "Ugh, I have no idea what I'm doing." The chore feeling took a backseat. 

FUN freed my play energy, which fed my productivity. Do you practice FUN in your day-to-day?

We humans are the only adult mammals who do not make space for play in our days. 

What do we miss when FUN is the ingredient we leave out?

I would love to learn from you! What FUN-FREEING experiences have you enjoyed?

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