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Honoring the Tickle

YES, let's do it! 

But wait, what if...?

The competing energies between the lure of leaping and the fear of overextending... feel familiar?

They are twined like yin and yang, shadow and light. Each brings their gifts, and they're a dynamic that we will dance with throughout life. We dare. We scare. Stepping beyond the familiar in any arena takes verve... it energizes us with newness & stimulation, and also it awakens our primal protective instinct, which can feel like fear.

But there is powerful wisdom in the tickle. Our sense, our innate knowing that this is the next step on our path, particularly when it may seem a test of trust. It often doesn't follow conventional plans. But it is our yes. 

My present exercise in honoring the tickle is a life biggie. I'm moving. Transitioning my haven from a loft I have loved for 15 years to a haven I have yet to discover. Moving is a tectonic shift, altering flows of energies, finances, perspectives, interactions, senses of identity and security. And as I explore options, I am pulled by the tickle of stretching into a neighborhood and space that could really inspire me as a new nest and creative environment... and yet aware of that cautionary voice that heeds, "But is it worth it to extend more... what if you over-reach?"

It's a query whose tentacles can wrap around all the yumminess potential and choke the life-breath out of it. 

Good reminder to breathe. I take several deep breaths.

So what feels right? What can I say to my inner protective impulses to honor their good intentions but ?

Life is not a formula. Security is not locked in by a spreadsheet. Rather, security is our inner vitality and resilience. For change is life's constant. Our moorings will always shift... relationships, investments, promises... they all flow. Stasis is not secure, for nothing in nature is static. And though we are comfort-seeking beings, in honoring the state of change, we are creating comfort in shifting, flowing, adapting, growing, living.

So here's my big picture takeaway, and it's one of those life wisdoms that I seem to need to refreshers in, as it pops up sporadically: acknowledge the protective fear messages, but choose in alignment with my inner YES.

I remind myself in these moments that tug at my comfort edges, that resisting flow is actually costing me. Honoring the tickle up my spine, the twinkle in my eye, the catch in my breath... this is my energy guide. 

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