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How Deeply do YOU Trust?


We are born trusting.

In our beginnings we are all softness, purity of expression, and we deeply KNOW our people are FOR us. They respond to our cries, connect without language, and we feel (hopefully) instinctively safe & loved.

How true is that for us now?

To put a fine point on it, how true do we perceive ourselves as trusting now?

Quick quiz: How many stories of this ilk prowl our thought landscapes:

  • my neighbor’s cigarette butts are on my patio again, so clearly they don’t hold me in high regard

  • my employer is not bringing me onto projects as much as usual, so I deduce I have fallen out of favor somehow

Do you feel any of these default icky stories infiltrating your inner commentary?

Einstein thought the most important question in life is: Do we see the world as for us or against us?

Can our choice be that clear?

What if it is?

What if we embody with all our cells, the FEELING of TRUSTING the world is FOR us? Sure, we experience the full depth + heights of the tides, seasons and roller coasters that constitute the wholeness of living for every living creature.

But instead of dragging around the sense of defensiveness against a world we don’t trust, we choose to see our LIVING as a dance with a partner who we trust to always help us find our light?

I am intrigued. I take a deeper dive.

Love + Money. These are two epic trust triggers. Money is one I am exploring more deeply this year. As I shift my income sources & the usual stream is changing, I can feel myself cringe when I spend. Cringing is LACK OF TRUST. And that rigidity is energy I am putting out into the world.

Cringing. That’s my disconnect with trust.

What causes you to cringe?

Vision TRUST as a full breath. Inhale, exhale. A breath is both an intake + outflow. Circulation. Like nature’s rhythms: tides, seasons, night/day, life cycles. All fullness in nature lives in FLOW.

FLOW is the physicality of TRUST. When we feel a state of rigidity, we are frozen. Out of trust. When we soften into opening to possibilities (maybe the neighbor is unaware her butts are flying into my patio, maybe the employer is focused on building new client offerings to grow the business), we engage in the full cycle. We trust.

TRUST, I am discovering, is core to harmony with our living. Our aliveness.

WHAT IF WE TRUSTED DEEPLY? We may have lost the purity of trust we knew at birth. But we can choose to live in the trust flow.

Studies in the mid-1900s showed that if we see ourselves as lucky, or that the world is for us, we live that life. Likewise with unlucky. It is our lens.


The jaded part of our protective brain may sneer, snarling that we must look out for ourselves. Success comes from making our lives happen, not from trusting.

Certainly, we architect life through our actions. But the driving energy behind those actions is whether or not we live in harmony with ourselves & with life. Are we engaging in the wholeness of cycles, seasons, rhythms, or are we stopping ourselves, frozen in distrust?

People often ask the cost. What does it cost us to trust?

I ask you: What does it cost us not to trust?

For me, the price I would pay, and am no longer willing to pay, is my most open, alive, harmonious life.

Trust feels to me as a lifelong exploration and practice. I am keen to learn your wisdoms + insights. What is your relationship with trust? My ears are open:)

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