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How Do I Know...?

Do you ever feel stopped before you start?

You know you need to act, to choose, to launch, to move in some direction, but you get blocked weighing your choices, wondering which one is RIGHT?

In most cases, if not all, we KNOW what's right for us, but we may not be able to hear our inner knowing. Usually we are inundated by concern for others, other opinions & recommendations, trying to predict IF we do this THEN what happens, & our thinking feels fuzzy from lack of sleep or generally not nourishing our body + mind+ soul in optimal ways. 

What is this INNER KNOWING & how do we connect with it?

What does it look like?

Inner Knowing shows up as a feeling, an intuition, a hit of "YES, this is my answer." It's like the missing puzzle piece locks in to precisely the space we needed to fill. It is not something we arrive at by spreadsheet or debate or pros + cons, although those may help prepare the path to our AHA. 

How do we get there?

You may need different tools at different times, so I'm sharing a list of my favorite & most effective ways I connect in to my inner knowing. Generally, we need to quiet the noise of everyday inputs, give ourselves space from distractions (& multi-tasking) & get lost in activities that bring our mind + body + soul together.

It's easier than that sounds. Try what FEELS like your YES. 

  • Literally, silence the noise
  • Turn off your digital life & TUNE IN to your heart, imagination, your YES
  • Create space & time to DEVOTE to feeding your soul. What do you yearn to do? (P.S. Napping is often a brilliant tool!)
  • Close your eyes, be still, & FEEL... what do you notice?
  • BREATHE... our breath is most often shallow in our hectic days. We need deep breaths to cleanse our lungs, our cells, to IGNITE ourselves with oxygen. Breathe deeply, mindfully... for several minutes, several times a day... & build on that as it feels good. 
  • NATURE. Go be in it. Sit on the grass. Listen to the birds. Hike slowly. Walk in the rain. Notice the buzzing insects. Watch ants. Dance with fireflies. 
  • REST. Naps heal. Rest days are delectable. Rest is restoration. 
  • EXPRESS: dance, journal, sketch, doodle, paint, fingerpaint, GET IT OUT. Even if it makes no seeming sense, physically let the pent-up energy out. 
  • NOURISH. Body: hydrate & nurture your body with good food. Stretch & move, movement gets us connected with our bodies & into flow. Soul + Spirit: light candles, listen to music that puts you in a positive, calm energy, love on your animals, read from mentors on creativity/spirituality/inspiration. What feeds you? Listen to that. 

Remember, there are no mistakes. Everything leads to a greater knowing.

Once you take a step, you create an energy in your movement. Once in movement, it's easier to stay in motion. You find your flow. 

What feels like your YES? Do that. Then explore from that place, what feels like your next YES. 

Take it one glorious step at a time. 

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