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How to TUNE IN to US & Live In FLOW with Ourselves, Our World


What is happening in your body right this moment?

Are your shoulders hunched forward? Do you find yourself holding your breath as you grit through something? Do your fingers clench without you realizing it? Is there a tightness in your hip?

How often do we check in with our physical selves? With compassion?

As a runner, I thought I was fairly aware of physical anomalies and tended to them with care (sometimes also anxiety, particularly when a sprain might mean forfeiting a race I had long trained to run). 

But I realize I was tending mostly to ouches & moments when my body was raising a flag for attention. 

What about every other moment? Those all-important moments in between the ouches or the finish lines & groovy times. 


In a snack-sized answer: TUNING IN to our WHOLENESS, mind+body+spirit, is our superpower.

  • It optimizes health in each of the 3 aspects
  • Enhances FLOW, which has incredible rocket boosting power for creativity, happiness & productivity
  • Connects us, as we heighten are awareness of caring for our wholeness, to the world around us & how we impact the wholeness & integrity of the earth & all the creatures who live here with us. 

In short: TUNING IN + TAPPING IN to FLOW energizes our wholeness, empowering us as individuals & as stewards of healing our world.


FLOW is our optimal state. The state of heightened creativity + productivity, where we are fully focused in this moment. What we are doing in this moment eclipses ALL ELSE, past + future & anxiety. We are absorbed in flow when we are at high levels of focus: creating, performing, being present. (Video below illuminates the science of FLOW.)

Flow is not a constant state, and often it's a state we find ourselves in & we're not sure how we arrived. But flow is a peak state we can learn to create for ourselves.

Flow can be challenging to access in our days of busy-ness, schedules, to-dos & the barrage of inputs from our digital worlds. We become disconnected from our bodies as we move through our days more like heads on sticks. Our thinking minds hold the reins, but often they are overwhelmed with multi-tasking & projected fears, which creates a cycle of anxieties that we seek to numb ourselves to in whatever fashion we prefer: eating, medicating, intoxicating, spending, etc. Overwhelm consequently spirals into LACK OF & fragmentation of productivity, creativity, health, compassion & joy.

When you want to be in your optimal state for a creative ask/challenge, being in flow is your best friend.

HOW TO GET INTO FLOW in the midst of the swirl?

There are several triggers that can focus us into flow.

Risk is one. From telling the truth or high sports adventure, risk tunes us intensely into the moment, heightening physical + environmental awareness & flow.

Another is clarity. If you have a goal, break it into clear bite-size steps. Immersing fully in one step instead of the end goal (which can take us OUT of flow), opens us to flow.

Novelty is epic. Especially for creativity. New experiences, environments, learning, stretching, seeing freshly, thinking differently. Like a sponge, novelty draws you in. Flow. 

To best prep to be in flow, use this practice to reconnect your mind + body & loosen blocks that impede our full self-awareness. 

  • Do a mental scan of your body. Best to scan in a quiet space with no distractions until you have practiced a couple times... you will soon be able to tune in & scan internally anywhere, anytime.
  • Where do you feel tight/rigid? Rigidity, tightness (I suspect these can be offshoots of that inner gremlin Resistance)... these are blocks to flow physically but also mentally, emotionally. 
  • Ask what that tight area needs. Speak to your body part that's locked up. Partner with your body with curiosity. Our bodies KNOW what we need ALWAYS. Our ticket to its wisdom is in relearning how to LISTEN IN to ourselves.
  • Soften in to that area of tightness. Explore movements that feel right, YES, good. Breathe deeply, mindfully as you move. Soften. Loosen. There is no time or efficiency reward. Big surprise, rushing increases tightness.
  • Repeat this inquiry & softening, exploring your entire body map, until you feel fully loose & YES. 
  • Now begin your creative ask of yourself. When you are physically tuned to flow, your mind follows.

Tuning in to our body & optimizing ourselves to find our flow state is not a prescriptive process. What your body needs today may not be true tomorrow. Each of us always holds our own key to unlocking our YES, our wellness. Ask + listen.


In loosening, we open to flow. And in flow, we are magical creative wonders. We are inspired, energized, fulfilled, purposeful & present. 

Re-integrating our body+mind+spirit. THIS is the key that unlocks wholeness + wellness.

In wholeness is wellness. 

And knowing our own wholeness, we see with new eyes how we have been disconnected from the very planet body we live on & all the creatures who share it with us. 

How can we flow with our fellow beings? Ask. Go curious. What do they need? How can we loosen our potentially false/superficial notions about them? Animals + humans are not disposable. Neither are ecosystems, clean drinking water, clean air. Listen in for the answers on how your way to connect, to re-integrate with the world around you is a YES. Honor your own inner wisdom. It is your way.

Flowing into wholeness... our key to personal + global wellness. 

How do you get into Flow? What are your experiences with Flow? Let's open the conversation for all of us curious & ready to be inspired into wholeness!

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