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In Celebration of the Season of Lights: A Goodie Bag of Soul Gifts


I share 4 treats with you that are creating the most positive shifts in my energy & perspective on living. In the season of lights, we can also feel the greater depths of darkness. Please take what resonates & bring it into your days in ways that buoy your ever-evolving blossoming.


My friend’s measure of a good life is not mine, no matter how aligned we are. And my current step in my evolution is not yours.

To bemoan not being where I see other people purport to be (we tend to see only what other people want us to see, which usually is a fraction of their truth) is like whacking my soul with a stale fruitcake. Pointless and painful. And a waste of this moment, when I could be filling my soul with gratitude for the AMAZING MIRACLE that is my life today.

In the first hours of most mornings, I remind myself of my core gratitudes:

  •  I am breathing with full lungs
  •  I am sharing my love for animals in need & the people who rescue them
  •  I am privileged to know & share my love with courageous, inspiring, effervescent souls who are my family + friends
  •  I am creating towards my life dreams
  •  & I danced with the sun & the moon on my run before the world stirred.

Yes, we could all create lists of ways in which we might fall short of where we want to be at this moment, but we are all in-process. We are all evolving with every liberating  thought + practice we choose in lieu of a destructive comparison.


I read this phrase in an inspiring book, The Principles of Uncertainty, and immediately felt profound comfort. Uncertainty is reality.

  • Plans go awry (but even the disruptions might be our greatest gifts).
  • What we take for granted can disappear.
  • Lasting peace lives in accepting that change is our constant.

This uncertain, unpredictable, uncontrollable MYSTERY we live each day is also ripe with wonder, feeling, compassion, challenge, strength, bravery, soul juice & love more potent than captured in centuries of words penned by poet oracles.

One thing leads to another. Unexpected? Yes, often.

In all unscripted experiences, our constant truth lives in following the love we feel. Beam your light when it’s dark. We are our own best gifts… our light, our love lead us where we need to be. And no spreadsheet or 5-year plan can navigate us there.


The world needs us to be our bravest. Change, chaos, confusion—this is the tempo of our global culture at the moment. We all need to be inspired, to be supported, to be galvanized by the very best in us.

Changing the world is a high bar to set. Changing our way in the world is a bar we all benefit from setting.

My new understanding of Bravery is: seeing possibilities where we might usually default to constricting ourselves.

When we get anxious and fearful our bodies constrict, we tighten in, our airways don’t let in as much breath. We must counter the constriction, for it does not aid us in health, strength or bravery.

LOOSEN. Consciously loosen our physicality when we feel imperiled. Breathe in. Fully. Let it out. Ramp down from fight or flight mode. In this centered space we open, physically and with our creative energy, soul + eyes, to see new possibilities.

What feels YES is where we each must tread.


We each wear countless masks to position ourselves the way we want to be seen in various aspects of our life.

I recently met the mask I have been wearing to hide me from me. Talk about a showstopper. [No words for that at the moment. I am processing that experience in photographs.]

I know for me it is draining shifting to what I think I need to be in the various identities I wear throughout the day. Not only major shifts, but nuanced mask-changing can drain our energy. Does this sound like you? In our professional space we might feel we are expected to be reserved, not rock the boat, don’t stand out. That identity transitions in our personal space where we need to be more expressive, honoring our creative urges, perhaps go wild.

When we rein in part of us in one aspect of our daily life, we might over-compensate for it in the other. Constantly modulating our energies is confusing to our soul.

We are at our best when we are whole, when we are steadfastly true to our inner voice, light, gift. When all the cloaks we don for our lives look like they come from the same closet. Simple? Maybe it doesn’t feel simple to put in practice. But once we live aligned to our true selves… synchronicity.

What if we gave ourselves the gift of our truest us this year?

What would that look like? How might that feel?

Imagine. Fantasize. Write it out. Scribble, draw, paint, finger paint, dance it out.

This is it. This life. We have this moment. We are partnered with our inner light. Our fire. Our truth. Our bravery. They are here to bring us to LIFE. Our most alive + juicy life.

Mine doesn’t look like yours. No matter. When we true up, each of us, oh the transformation we create… beyond words. 

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