Invitation to AWE

Today's inspiration comes from dynamic thought provocateur & imagineer, Jason Silva. 

His energy, his exploration in this video resonated in my cells, my bones. 

Do you feel it too?

Give this gift to yourself today. Generously. 

  • When today will we choose to see with fresh sight?
  • Where can we unchain from the everydayness of our own lives?
  • Where might we liberate ourselves to the possibility of something more?
  • What epiphanies can crack us open, even a bit?
  • How can we ENGAGE in the astounding frontier of the present?
  • How might we see ourselves differently, with fresh eyes?
  • What if we met ourselves for the first time, today? 

We are always free, if we choose. To unlearn. To unfetter our lens from stale perceptions. 

Dare to be the voice within, who may whisper, yet yearns to HOWL.

Our vitality, our awe lives within. Unleash YOU. The world needs your light. 

I invite your thoughts/inspirations below as we continue to explore how to live with our Inner Lights shining fully. We are a band of creatives with lifetimes of support, wit & wisdom. Welcome to our Inner Light Tribe! Enter your email on the blog page to stay connected. 

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