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Knowing v. Deciding: Accessing Your Inner Wisdom


I don’t have to DECIDE. I KNOW.


But does it ring true?

It did to me. I heard this on a recent retreat I cherish annually as a way to clear out the inner muck that accumulates over a year, clogging the channels between my wisdom & my decisions. 

You don’t have to decide, our mentor said. You know. 

WOW. As if my gut was socked by a truth punch. 

Though they certainly can help us get clarity where we are blocked, gurus & seminars & silent retreats are not the only ways to get to this place. Of knowing ourselves, our voice.

It is instantly & always available to us. It is our inner voice. 

That deeply felt wisdom that says YES, this is our path. Or flag on the play, that visceral feeling of even though this looks good it doesn’t FEEL fully like my YES + I would be forcing, regretting, resisting this choice. 

We know on a cellular level what is our course moment to moment. 

Creating personal quiet amidst our daily swirl or in the middle of upset is a practice. When we consciously make & hold sacred a quiet space, we can connect to that regardless of our external environment, to invite our inner wise self to share our knowing.

How to access that inner wisdom?

My quickest and most effective go-to avenues to my clarity are:

  • STEP AWAY—from noise, digital or in-person input, environments that clamor for our attention. Ideally, get into a green space, a park, an arboretum, a forest, a city corner with trees. Nature retunes us to our native rhythms.
  • BREATHE—create space from the pace of the day’s activities to breathe deeply, closing our ears/eyes and focusing fully on our breath. Take several long breaths, expanding our lungs down to the tiniest bronchia, holding that fullness for a few seconds, then slowly exhaling until we can’t exhale anymore. Repeat this a few times. ASK + LISTEN.
  • ASK—pose the question to ourselves, in our minds, we want guidance with.
  • LISTEN—listen for physical reactions. Are we clenching muscles, holding our breath, contracting? Or are we exhaling, relaxing, feeling aligned in our bodies?
  • SPACE—give yourself some time to percolate. Walk away from needing to know now & let the question swim in your soul for a bit. Often, the answer will pop up like happy toast. 
  • CLARITY—this is key. Muddy waters means there is a tussle between thinking knowing & feeling knowing. When the answer appears CLEARLY, as in you FEEL FULLY YES, that’s your wisdom weighing in. 

I invite your thoughts/inspirations below as we continue to explore how to live with our Inner Lights shining fully. We are a band of creatives with lifetimes of support, wit & wisdom. Welcome to our Inner Light Tribe! Enter your email on the blog page to stay connected. 

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