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Break Your Frame: The Story You Tell Becomes Your Reality


We humans are storytelling animals. 

We learn, we remember, we connect through story. 

Stories live the more we tell & retell them. Their stickiness is particularly powerful when stories are built with truth or with fear.

We trade stories countless times a day with others. But what stories do we keep private? Those are the tales that transform our lives.

The stories we tell ourselves about us become our reality.

  • Tell yourself you are not equipped or capable of changing or growing … you will live into that stasis.
  • Tell yourself you are open to discovery, & your life will be rich with exploration, trials, inspirations, falling down, getting up, soaring, being lost, finding your truest you.

We are constantly becoming. 

Who we were last year doesn’t share the same energies, awakenings, awarenesses, perspectives that we now embody.

What stories, though, are we telling ourselves that no longer fit who we are and who we are becoming?

A little clearing of our personal story bookshelves might be in order. 

  • What self-limiting views do we still trot out, from matter of habit?
  • What do we no longer identify with but still say about ourselves?

My stories have included shades of believing I needed someone to take care of me. That I couldn't, for example, possibly set myself up financially for a long & fertile life without someone else's earning power. In looking at that belief with eyes wide open, I see the tendrils from not so distant eras pulling me into the feeling that as a woman, I am not enough on that score. 

When our stories are tinged with SHOULDS and CAN’T’s, those are red flags for looking at the power they may hold over how we see our abilities + possibilities.

Each day, our story page is blank. This book of our life we write anew with every choice, every action, every story we tell. 

What story do you want to live? 

Our brains are incredible visual processors. The stories we speak repeatedly become the portrait we have crafted ourselves to be. We frame ourselves within those stories.

But are they stale? And who are we without those old stories? Without those limits we imposed on ourselves by re-telling a narrative that may no longer be and may never have been entirely authentic. Yes, it may be scary to let go of a way of understanding & seeing ourselves, even if it feels limiting. We seek familiarity as safety. 

Freedom is often new territory. Unknown. But from that un-knowing, we create our truths. Our truest selves. Living into our dreams. Living into what is most precious and meaningful to us.

Imagine yourself being the soul who isn’t apologetic about how quirky or different or celebrated or genius or loving or quiet you are. Paint that picture as your new narrative. 

Break the framework of stories and phrases you architected during eras of old-you. Take them one by one. Snack-sized self-revolutions. 

The opportunity to be the fresh you is now. 

We and only we create the canvas, the pages, the stage, the movie that is our life.

Feeling restricted & disconnected from what really sings to you as a life you are meant to be leading?

Examine the stories you believe + tell about yourself. 

Break your frame.

Your freedom is in how you tell your story. 


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