Lessons Through the Lens: Reframing Life

One of the great tools photographers employ on every shoot is our feet. If we aren't pleased with the composition of an image, we move. Reframe until we feel that YES.

Reframing images, reframing life. 

In those ebbs when limbo, unknowns and transitions spiral into an experience of fear and ICK, the wisdom of reframing our experience is as effective as it is through the lens. 

Reframing life transforms the scary or sad energy into a more resonant choice. If we are literally moving our home and getting mired in all the ways the deal could fall apart, that's cruddy. And the energy we embody in those feelings and fears only feeds more of that energy. 

Reframing the experience to feel that we are supported in this transition by some fabulous folks we meet along the way and that we are taking the journey just one step at a time, that is a much more liberating flow to be in. Stepping to the side of the initial ICK viewpoint opens a new option that feels much better. 

And in shifting the experience of the journey we are shifting the experience of the outcome. 

So when unhappy with our inner experiential/emotional composition, reframe.