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Life Lessons from Painting My Floor

Life is learned in the doing. 

I painted my floors blue last week. I have lived for two years with the dirty dishwater puce underfoot from the previous owner's palette of early cave dweller. 

I cringed inside every time I glanced down. Which was all the time. 

WHY did it take so long for me to summon the energy to shuffle furniture + well over 600 books to paint delight as my footing?

RESISTANCE. Yes, 600+ books. Even the movers griped with incredulity.

Then there was the color choice. I seriously considered charcoal grey, telling myself it would be elegant and good for the resale value. I was toying with a midnight blue. My very wise one who reflects my inner-ness to me when I try to deny myself, asked: "Where is Liz in that grey?"

Right. Blue may be too too for some. But I am LIVING here. Now. I am drawn to daring with blue. Blue it is. 

AND here are the LIFE GIFTS that flowed as I rolled on my serenity blue:

  • Resistance, thinking about the effort it will take, saps more energy than actually doing it
  • Getting moving is energizing, movement energizes movement
  • I chose "YES & loving the juice' of it over the "safe or easy" of it, & that has brought me peace + freed up energy
  • What was I thinking waiting so long to step into my YES? A good note to self for future resistance rallies.
  • Things won't be the same. And that's refreshing.
  • We bemoan, & then we  jump in + do it with LOVE
  • We take tiny steps & in so doing, the big picture gets completed. Some evenings I would promise myself just to prep the area to paint, but then once I got into the flow I always was motivated to paint. Section by section it was a manageable & friendly project. Total big picture, not so friendly.
  • Whereas my haven felt off-kilter before, I became a spirit who makes sense in my space now
  • The morning is more beautiful
  • Knowing we can do it!
  • Liberty in KNOWING there are no mistakes--just paint differently if we are not yet in a YES place with the results

Bottom lining my life lessons from painting my floor:

  • WHY did I resist so long? I thought myself into fatigue.
  • WHY did I paint my floors blue? It is my YES.

The process & the outcome were illuminating, inspirational. I feel at home in my space. I am showing up in my space. With this my home & creative haven now feeling like a puzzle-piece fit, I am expressing my voice & my soul more fully.

And I smile every morning when I look down at my toes... & see juiciness, joy.


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