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Monday Thoughts=Monday Energy

I found myself talking myself out of my pre-sunrise run this morning. 

Running, for me, is a happy space. I tune in to the birds singing, the breeze rustling, the scent of fresh blooms and budding trees. And when I begin the day appreciating my health & getting my body into its groove, my energy flow opens and enlivens, expanding the possibilities in my day for creative juiciness & overall contentment. 

And yet, there were my thoughts: I'm sleepy. Curling up with Ernie on the sofa seems like a good plan. I'm hungry. Missing today isn't so bad. I have lots of things to get done today. I can do those instead. It's already later than I like to get out... AND ON.

MY AHA here is that THOUGHTS = ENERGY. So whatever we allow to have bandwidth in our thinking translates into our physical feelings, physical energy. Telling myself I'm slothful & noshy?  Big surprise that I felt more inclined to dive into breakfast. 

Morning thoughts quite often set the tone for the day. Mondays can set the tone for the week. 

But reigning back in to this morning and thoughts we may be having in this moment: when thoughts take over our inner microphone that we KNOW are counterproductive to what we deeply desire to feel and do, RECOGNIZE THEM as if they are merely clouds passing overhead. There they go. They can simply pass through our mental airwaves & we can choose instead to honor what FEELS like our YES. 

Our Inner YES guides us to where we need to be. 

I looked at those thoughts as they were beginning to gain traction and said out loud: "Well, here I go." I laced up my running shoes and stepped out the door. The morning was cool and quiet. Moving felt like gliding. And before I knew it, I was back home with a smile.

Where are your thoughts turning into mucky energy?

RECOGNIZE those icky thoughts as PASSING THROUGH. And LISTEN IN to your Inner YES.

Happy Monday!

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