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Not Your Usual Social Connection: Appreciating the Magic In YOU Today

As seen raw + unfiltered on this morning's dog walk, captured one-handed on my phone:) 

As seen raw + unfiltered on this morning's dog walk, captured one-handed on my phone:) 

It took my breath away. 

We stood paused and poised on the corner of sprouting spring smells & the path ahead. Ernie sniffing someone's lawn. And me, scanning my thoughts for the imperatives on today's to-do list. 

Ernie's imperative was to honor his olfactory curiosity. Mine? I was disconnected with the moment. 

Then I looked up. 

And this. Blue. 

Every cell in my body cheered for the amazingness of this exquisite February sky. 

I was humbled with wonder + awe. That blue. I drank it in. 

I could feel the tightness of my scheduled productivity swimming into a fluidity of appreciating being fully alive in this moment. Beholding blue. And sniffing green.

Magic. I felt that vitality of surprise (how many skies have I seen in nearly 5 decades?) in the familiar. I connected IN. To my soul who will forever carry this moment, looking up, & beaming love to all surrounding me, feeling a part of the magic + mystery that infuses every breath, every heartbeat, every sky, every dream.

Appreciating the magic in these random moments of noticing the wonder in the world around us, in feeling the aliveness in our soul when we connect in to our true selves, the ones that are not measured in likes & followers... this is the gift we live in, when we choose to see it through this lens. 


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