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In Praise of Puttering


Wandering, daydreaming, going for a walk, puttering around the house without goals—these are priceless seed planting times for CREATIVITY, BRILLIANCE + INSIGHTS.

Reflective thinking time. That’s what’s happening when from the outside we may appear to be aimlessly lost in thought.

But getting lost has its payoffs. 

Seemingly unstructured time daydreaming lets our mind go deep in its thinking and find connections among unrelated bits of knowledge and insights that combine to create innovations when we are not consciously forcing any outcome. Memory consolidation and forming non-linear connections are how researchers term it. But our mind is wandering and seeing complex questions through a new lens. Creativity, after all, is essentially making new connections.

How to get there?

  • Set aside an hour or more. 2 hours once a week can yield great creative juice.
  • Block out all distractions—including digital connectivity and conversation. This is supreme solo time.
  • Set intentions for exploration. It helps to physically write by hand in a journal some of the questions you are pondering and would like to gain clarity on or solutions to.
  • Let it go. Once you have made the ask of your mind, set it off on its adventure and allow it to do its mulling & sifting without supervision. But here is where the time protection is key—give your brain time + space to consider and create.
  •  Let your mind wander. You may find that sitting in quiet, mindfully breathing, is your fertile space for daydreaming. Or walking through a park in nature. Or showering. Or cleaning. Or running. Find an activity with a rhythm that doesn’t require a lot of conscious squiring.

Behind the Scenes:

Our subconscious mind works constantly behind the scenes, managing all our body’s vital systems. What we may not give it full credit for, however, is the power our subconscious has over physical outcomes. What happens internally WILL MANIFEST externally. So why not partner with its power?

Sleep time is quite a productive time for our subconscious: digesting, repairing + decluttering our systems. If we have an issue we are curious or unsure about, make the ask before going to sleep. Write a request to your subconscious as Thomas Edison advised doing each night before going to sleep. Ask specific questions to yourself about whatever you might be working to accomplish or explore. In this way, we directly request our subconscious to come up with answers.

When you wake the next morning, stay in a quiet space for the first several minutes and write what comes to you. You may find it helpful to refocus by asking your questions from the night before. Then freehand write what comes. Think of it as downloading directly from the source. Get it all out until you feel the stream of sharing is complete. That flow can become a rich source of creative inspiration, solutions and action steps toward living your dreams.

In partnering with our powerful inner architect, our thoughts + musings (internal) can move toward manifesting in our outer reality.

In short:

DAYDREAM. PUTTER. And revel in it! 

What looks highly unproductive by today’s busy-ness standards, yields some of the most impactful productivity & sublime solutions.

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