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Are you shrinking? 2 Instant Actions to Feel Expansive



What does that mean to you ... in terms of your life & how you choose to live it?

It's how I want to feel this year. 

Newness, not routine-fatigued.

Possibilities, not restricted.

Open, not closed-off.

Growth, not smallness.

Daring, not narrowing. 

When I feel myself shrinking (feeling not ____ enough, or listening to the fearful gremlin chatter that poo-poos any "risk"), there are 2 actions I take that  shift my energy immediately.

CREATE. I've noticed when I over-consume (media, food, spending), I feel icky & restricted. When I create (writing, photography, drawing, cuisine) I feel unlimited. Even picking up the camera & making images of my pup snoring on the sofa recalibrates my energy. Creating gets us into our flow.

LOOK UP. When I go into my thinking mind at the expense of tuning in to my intuition, my inner knowing, & what my body tells me (bodies have a lot to say about what is good for us & what we do best to steer clear of), when the gremlin thoughts begin to throw their party, I LOOK UP to the sky. I bring my gaze (& my connectedness) tree branches against the sky, silhouettes of birds flying, clouds drifting, to re-engage with the bigness, the magic & vastness of this world, this life.

As a way to begin & conclude each day, I look to the moon every morning Ernie & I are out before dawn, and then again at nightfall, I settle in with the moon's glow. Quieting. In wonder. 

The smallness of the day fritters away. The gleam returns to my eye. Everything is possible.

What are your favorite ways to reconnect to expansiveness when you begin to feel trapped and limited?

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