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Power Booster: Work WITH, not Against


It may seem obvious, to work WITH something, not against it.

But like many truths, I can know them & forget them or get so distracted by my vision of how I want a creation/project/task to evolve, that I fall into the mode of PUSHING, rather than FLOWING. 

On a recent shoot with a master potter, he shared with me several life lessons from working with clay. Who knew clay was so wise? (I love it when my wonder for the world is rekindled in unexpected places!)

When you first work the clay, he explained, you knead it in either a counterclockwise or clockwise direction. Most right-handed potters & probably most traditional potters in the US work the clay in a counterclockwise direction. 

Here's what fascinated me. The wheel ALSO needs to spin in that direction. 

WHY? This seemed like a trivial point to me, what direction you work and spin your clay.

Oh no. The details are the big deals. 

Because molecularly, the clay is aligning in that chosen direction. And if you spin in a direction COUNTER to how you kneaded the clay, it is at odds with itself. We would be working AGAINST the clay's inner strength.

What's true for clay is true all over the place, when I started looking.

  • In learning, we do best when the teaching style builds on our strengths, how we are oriented to do our best.
  • In relationships, when we work against someone's values/strengths/alignments we cause tension + friction. Sometimes useful. Lots of times, counterproductive & an energy drain.
  • Engineering, leveraging strengths.

My eyes were opening to see where I might be working AGAINST myself or others & noticing how shifting to working WITH them is a power booster for positive experience + outcomes. 

Putting that into practice when we get busy & go into auto-pilot, that's the key time we benefit from reminding ourselves. For me, I am practicing: 

  • Consciously listening, especially when I am in the swirl of busy-ness.
  • Feeling my way + shifting course when my feeling counters my routine choice.
  • Noticing when I'm forcing or when I'm flowing, gliding energy. 

Are there areas where maybe without realizing it, we could shift to working WITH someone or something's nature? Perhaps transformation is merely a switch away!


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