Radical Transparency + a Quiet-Loving Soul = Creative Life Fuel

As I was celebrating jogging on the trail this morning for the first time in eons, the idea of Radical Transparency hit me as forcefully as the sun beaming through the tree canopy.

Not Radical Transparency in the sense of naughty photos on social media, mind you. But in the sense of revealing what's real for us. Deeply real. OK. The idea seared into me like a message from the universe and as I jogged on, I wondered why.

My thoughts percolated: What would that feel like and what might that shift in a powerful and positive way?

I am a quiet-loving soul who relishes and recharges in time away from the hustle and bustle, which also feeds my creative juice. I love them both and honoring a harmony between time in each is my happy rhythm. So RADICAL Transparency can seem a little intense to the quiet side of me. A little, "We have ways of making you talk," if you groove to spy thrillers.

But then an a-ha hit. Wouldn't it be empowering if our dialogue with ourselves, our cronies, our various circles of connections, reflected the truths that can feel hard to be with? The happy face, the "OK" and "FINE" patina we feel we need to polish and present to the world may not always be empowering. It quite likely is draining us.

What do they look like? They could be whatever causes us to flinch about ourselves or keeps us stuck. Perhaps my radical transparencies resonate with yours. Try these on:

  • I identify as a distance runner--I've been running marathons and halfs for over a decade. And yet, I have not been running for weeks. My mind games have me questioning my ability to continue to be able to go the distance. 20 minutes this morning was a big HURRAH.
  • I just published my most recent and personal book this week. I am beyond excited to share it, as I wrote it to help inspire us all to live into our dreams. AND I am quite sensitive to feedback that may belittle the juice and intention and value I poured in to its pages.
  • My retirement plan? What retirement plan? I don't even do 5-year plans. But it can feel a lot like life without a safety net. I am creating one of my own design... but I also feel plenty of insecurities around fiscal future fortitude.

These are just the first three to leap to mind. There are acres more ouchy thoughts that I cloak under all-is-well bravado.

BUT if we, with our trusted circles, were able to share and support each other in our Radical Transparencies, wouldn't that empower us to feel like we are all figuring it out together? AND I suspect, we might in that sharing be inspired to create solutions that feel custom to us, whole... not settling for the version that may work for others but doesn't fit us.

WHAT IF we practiced Radical Transparency around something that is draining our energy? Share with someone you know you trust. What opens up?

I'd love to be in touch about your experiences. Cheers to Radical Transparent adventuring!