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RESTing for Resilience


We live in a kaleidoscope universe.

Possibilities abound, as do responsibilities, distractions, dreams + anxieties.

Moreover, the instantly available “expertise” on how to optimize any aspect of living can feel like an unfiltered tidal wave.

I retreated from it all yesterday.

For an afternoon + blissful evening. No computer, no phone.

A hardcover mystery novel & my ever-ready snuggle companion pup Ernie.

My to-dos beckoned & bellowed. But I tucked them in with us. And we all RESTED.


Especially when goals & deadlines feel imperative, rest can appear counter productive. When I sense I am phoning in my gusto or when my most ardent creative pursuits feel heavy, I know to listen in to my inner-expert.

Rest, for me, is the re-seeding of RESILIENCE.

  • Time away without leaving.

  • No airplane ticket, no gas in the car necessary.

  • Turning off + tuning in.

Simplicity itself, really. But first we must see for ourselves what we know we need. We can complicate that part with a veil of should-thoughts about our immediate deadlines + deliverables.

Around noon yesterday I laughed at myself realizing my entire body was asking for rest.

  • My thinking was uninspired + tired.

  • I slept through my alarm the past couple mornings.

  • After my coffee, I wanted to nap.

Hello? Am I listening to myself?

Are you?

Yesterday, I did.

This morning, I have a wag in my tail & my creative juices flow with new energy.

Do you honor TIME OUT or TIME IN when you feel draggy? What are your REST + RESILIENCE strategies? I’d love to hear your restoratives.

In celebration of REST + RESILIENCE.

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