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Seeing Magic & Life Transitions

My last day today in my neighborhood of 15 or so years, give or take a few lifetimes. 

It is a bittersweet experience, this moving on. Much good, joy, discovery, daring and roots I forged here. Many firsts. And lasts.

Each step I trod with my pups, first Zoe, then Ernie, on each pre-dawn walk, every tree that was great to sniff, the hills and vistas that engraved themselves on my memory of all my training runs, I celebrate them.

There's the alley where as I was strolling before a surgery looking for meaning, I remembered I am an artist. And all the moments of loss and love and mourning and delight and laughter and passages shared in my loft. 

I take them with me. 

I am excited for the new territory. I am uncertain about the new territory. 

But with every choice, every step... ripe with unknown & wisdom, courage & shyness, shadow & light... we become. And what we become is largely our choosing. 

I came to this neighborhood naive in many ways about who I was and what I stand for. I move on from this chapter, more certain of my center and more curious than ever. 

What I do know is I believe in mystery & magic in life. Both in embracing the shadows & celebrating seeing light in the darker places. 

Of everything this time here has taught me, I will always take magic & mystery with me, wherever my journey leads. 

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