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RISK: Our Best Friend

RISK. What does that evoke for you?

Danger? Darkness? At-risk, risky move, Risk-Reward ratios... most risk-related phrasing imply the potential for harm, for failure. 

That undercurrent of threat associated with RISK, can be enough to subconsciously move us away from making "risky" choices. A wise move in many cases.

I certainly have shied away from people & paths that felt risky to me. Paying attention to feelings of danger or harm is absolutely savvy & hardwired into us as part of our primal survival toolkit. Dire life & death signals are risks we never want to ignore.

But being risk-averse can also skew way beyond survival & danger, straying into a mindset that chooses complacency, neutrality & settling as "safe." However, as actions follow thoughts, our mindset becomes our life. Setting aside the life & death scale of risk, day to day, how much energy do we spend avoiding risk? Or do we embrace it?

How do we want to relate to RISK?

Personally, my introvert self could be deliriously happy for days sharing face time only with my pup & other animals, RISK in all its meanings was something I wanted to keep well out of my comfort zone. In my early days, even walking into a room of strangers required self-pep talks. You can imagine, I was pep-talking myself to bolster my chutzpah at every turn. Exhausting but necessary to show me I could have a much more energizing relationship to risk.

RISK as a best friend

I have come to experience risk as holding hands with success. Not my monetary or professional success. Although I think that stems from befriending risk. But success to me internally at the end of each day. I measure it now as whether or not I risked. 

  • Did I push myself to go where I was feeling my YES or did I contract to stay smaller?
  • Did I follow my curiosity? Did I make my way to a discovery?
  • Did I go there--beyond what I knew before? Did I expand?

Those risks are my success. Daily. I see risk now as gaining something (perhaps freedom, lightness, new understanding, energy, curiosity) by letting go of something else (what I perceived as comfort, safety, my known territory).

And in this way, I see myself as holding hands with risk throughout the day. Risk elevates. Sure, it  can still cause my butterflies to have butterflies. But risk is soul yoga, stretching our horizons, our fire, our vitality.

RISK today. Tiptoe there if that feels best. 

  • No day is a guarantee. Each morning we awaken is a gift. Make today mean something.
  • Be direct. Say what is meaningful to you.
  • Dare to do what feels like your inner YES. 
  • Challenge yourself to see in others not what frustrates you, but to see their grace. 

And please tickle my inbox on how you befriend risk.

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