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Seeking Lost-ness

Lost is an adventure I find myself seeking. 

Exploring new places, I rather adore lost-ness, especially when I am lost with someone. Lost and alone can sometimes feel a little less fun and a little more dire, particularly at night, on foot, with a noticeably valuable camera around my neck. But it's a grand adventure to share with someone... discovering. 

Vistas, smells, feelings, experiences... the stimulation of newness and discovery can be intoxicating and for me creates palpable memories I draw on when I want a boost of inspiration or zest. 

I might qualify that being lost on the way to an appointment is not the kind of lost I conjure or enjoy. Punctuality is part of my code, and tardiness, while sometimes unavoidable, stirs my inner upset. Being on time for a commitment, to me, shows respect. Punctuality honors the value of people's time.

But when we are not bound by commitments to schedule, stepping away from the map, the GPS, the guidebook and striking out on our own instinct or following the lure of an aroma wafting from around the corner or the beckoning of the look and feel of a street or trail... this is primal aliveness. 

And in putting ourselves in new territory, we feel newly. Shedding the familiar, we tune in to this moment, this feeling, this instinct. We unearth our vibrancy, engaging with our immediate surroundings and how we are experiencing them for the first time. 

In lost-ness, we find a new vitality.  

And whether it's a street, a trail or a metaphoric crossroads, honoring lostness can sometimes be the answer to tapping in to what brings us alive. 

Cheers to seeking a little lost-ness today. 

liz stubbsComment