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Shifting Back to Best Intentions: A Practice

Some days seem to slip away from my best intentions. 

I prefer to begin my mornings with time & habits that center me & set the tone for my day so that I may bring my best energy, my most open & creative self to all that comes my way.

Travel, deadlines, circumstances beyond the ordinary, fatigue can all play havoc with our self-care routines & can bring a sense of derailment to our day.

Here's a recent spiral of mine:

  • My to-dos & the timeframe in which to do them feel crushing 
  • I hurry mindlessly through them, thinking about the next one before finishing this one, making mistakes & stubbing my toe
  • I resent the to-dos & the people associated with them
  • I spread icky energy
  • I feel contracted & small
  • I make choices from that stressed/less-than energy
  • I reach for something to numb the self-ick--my choices are a good mystery, a nap, dark chocolate

Feel familiar?

When this kind of cycle starts forming & accelerating, it creates mistakes, regrets, fatigue & doesn't foster creative solutions.


I know for myself when this pattern begins, my best choice is to slow down. It may seem counter-intuitive, but slower & more mindful is a wiser path. I find that in giving something my full attention I complete it more efficiently, I am more in tune with the process of it & more open to innovation & creativity when giving it my all, & the experience is more fulfilling.  

How, though, to put on the brakes when we feel pressured?

  • I stop whatever I am doing & create space for several moments to re-set. I may smudge (burn sage to cleanse my energy), I light a candle & sit quietly with it, I journal, meditate, make tea, go for a jog, snuggle my pup & listen to him snore. You know your preferred way of getting into a pace that is your YES. It may vary from day to day.
  • I consciously set my intention (& write it down) for the energy that I want to feel & share throughout my day
  • Then, with every to-do or interaction, I begin with that energy that I wish to carry forward. It becomes my touchstone for each task, each conversation, each choice to return to this energy that is meaningful to me so that I consciously & consistently infuse it in my actions.

Shifting gears from spiraling to mindful can be a fairly immediate change when we know what practices work for us. And yes, it may well be a practice that serves us over our lifetime. Spiraling can encroach multiple times a day. What mind-shift athletes we will become!

How do you shift gears when the crazy-making tempo takes over?


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