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Solstice: Gift of Light from the 8th oldest Person in US & her 90-year-old Son

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On the winter solstice, when night is the longest of the year & daylight is scarcest, I share the gift of light I learned from my father, who at 90, has a lifetime of experience living this practice: 

See the glass half-full. 

I vividly recall instances in my youth when he reminded me to approach my challenges with this perspective. You see, as I began to view the world as a place where sometimes there isn't enough to go around, I internalized that to mean sometimes I am not enough. 

Scarcity in my own skin. 

Do you know this feeling, too?

Fearing we are not enough, on whatever level, is diminishing in all ways. It drains us of our vitality, time, light, health, wealth, energy, relationships, possibilities.

The cost of a scarcity mindset is quite literally our life. And yet, the fear thoughts can have deep roots in our minds.

My dad's mother, our amazing Mema, is currently, at 111+, the 7th or 8th oldest living person in the United States. I wager she has never seen her glass half-empty. To this day, she appreciates all little moments in her waking hours with a twinkle in her eye & a sparkly laugh. She loves dearly & shares her light generously. It has never run out, no matter how freely she shared.

I watched her & my father approach times of seeming scarcity as opportunities to figure out how to create new possibilities with what they had. 

Their light, the light they nurture within themselves (& us all), shines through all the darker days. 

And that is the abundance we all share. Our inner light opens us to possibilities where we feel challenged. When we feel dim, we can turn to someone in our tribe who can reflect our light back to us, who reminds us we are all lights in the darkness.

We are plenty as we are. 

Together, we are limitless. 

Cheers to a new year celebrating the abundance of our light. 

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