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The Measure of a Day: Perspective Shift

Was your yesterday productive, positive. fulfilling & yummy?

If we are looking at the number of tasks left undone & rolled over to today, perhaps we don't feel yesterday was so successful. Or maybe we are replaying an incident where we didn't behave as impeccably as we would have liked. 

What we believe, is how we see and experience life.

If we believe or perceive our day(s) to have been less than successful, by whatever measure we mentally use, we tend to carry that same feeling over to ourselves.

Consider this: Why measure a day in what we have NOT accomplished but in HOW we tuned in to our inner wisdom, how we connected to our inner knowing about what choices are right for us, & look at what we CREATED from that energy & synergy?

I am most fulfilled when I am living in ways that honor wholeness in how I interact with the world & when I create & contribute from that energy.

Sometimes a job cancels. Maybe I needed rest instead of work.

Sometimes the goals & tasks roll over for a month. Perhaps the ideas around them need time to germinate before blossoming.

Maybe I had a conversation that was tough for me to have & the outcome might feel uncertain. But if I shared with an energy of respect & opening true connection, then I have done my best. 

How did we nourish life today? How did we grow? How did we contribute? 

Those measures of the day are what truly matter.  


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