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Don't Go Silent

"The voice is the important thing. That you don't go silent." 

Legendary playwright Arthur Miller, a workman writer, dedicated himself to write every day from 8 to noon. He splashed onto the Broadway and world stage with "Death of a Salesman" and his plays ascended from there.

Until they didn't. He kept producing but the theater-goers decades later spoke in a different cultural voice.

He kept writing. His plays experienced a rebirth. 

"Art is long. Life is short," he said. 

My grandmother passed away last week at 112. Our supercentenarian matriarch inspired us always with her vitality & zest for life. I think one of her superpowers was she expressed her truths without withholding anything. Sometimes her candor caused flinching, but her directness enabled her to be complete in all her relationships. Unlike those of us who might hold a little something back for fear of hurting someone's feelings or being judged or not even knowing our own voice, she lived in full flow. No limbo caused by ambiguity or misinformation or deceit, all of which are draining. 

Her voice, her life force, always fully realized. 

Lillian Howell Stubbs and Arthur Miller shared the appreciation of the voice. The important thing is you don't go silent. 

Words to live into. 

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