Trust the Transformation

"This site was once a battlefield," the sign read. I looked around at the gentle curve of the trail and the graceful trees dotting the grassy slope. One of the most peaceful stretches on my morning run path is the site of much bloodshed. 

I have moved recently to a new neighborhood in Atlanta and am ecstatic to be feeling the joy and harmony in running again. I, for several years, had been forcing myself to get out and run in the neighborhood that stressed me and brought me very little zest. And now, with this revitalizing energy in my new part of town, my morning runs are periods of heart-opening joy. 

This morning's sign heralding the historic site of much strife and pain was an a-ha. 

Transformation is tangible. And transformation is magical.

From battlefield to Zen serenity. From draining to buoyant. I am grateful to feel this reminder that we are ever shifting on our journeys and, though it may not be apparent in some moments, trust the transformation... we are not static beings living stagnant lives. 

Embracing the magic in today... :)